Aerobic exercises

 Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises

Doing half an hour of aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, running, bicycling or swimming can lead to a healthy and longer life. Actually, aerobic exercise may be the tool for a life full of endurance and vitality. Have a look at the benefits of aerobic exercises and choose your pick.

How the body reacts to the aerobic exercises –

While doing aerobic exercise, you continue to move the big muscles of all four limbs. The breathing becomes faster and deep. It increases blood flow to the muscles and to your lungs. The capillaries (tiny blood vessels) are widened to deliver more amount of oxygen to the muscles and carry the waste products which are generated during the exaggerated metabolic state. Some feel-good hormones like ‘Endorphins’ – which are natural painkillers, are secreted to promote a heightened sense of well-being.

Effect of aerobic exercises on your health –

Aerobic exercise is good for everybody no matter whether you are older or obese. After a certain period, aerobic exercise will make you stronger and more athletic. Daily aerobic exercise can leave the following effects on your body –

Reduces the risk of developing serious diseases, obesity, type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, and cerebral stroke – to name a few. Weight-bearing exercises like walking or jogging reduce the risk of the development of osteoporosis.

To prevent further complications – aerobic exercise can prevent further attacks if you had suffered once.

Never get flabby – when combined with a planned diet, aerobic exercise will not allow putting on extra weight.

Aerobic exercise boosts the immune system. You become less vulnerable to minor illnesses.

Aerobic exercise augments the concentration of high-density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL helps to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol like LDL and VLDL. The end result is less chance of thrombus formation inside the arteries.

Makes your heart more strong. A stronger heart does not need to beat faster to reach essential nutrients throughout our body. It pumps blood more effectively – improving blood flow all over the body.

Regular aerobic exercise helps to flush out the stress hormones from our bodies. The mind becomes calmer and there is a decrease in anxiety and depression.

After doing aerobic exercise for a couple of days, you may feel tired. But it will help you in the long run. The endurance and vitality are increased. You will be less fatigued.

Aerobic exercise makes the muscles stronger. It will help you to maintain agility as you get older. Aerobic exercise also clears the mind. Experts say that half an hour of aerobic exercise three days a week regularly can lessen the cognitive decline in aged persons.

Do not be hasty. Consult your doctor before you start exercising. If he clears you, start your exercise program at a slower pace. Begin with 10 minutes of brisk walking in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. The next day, add another five minutes to each session. Gradually you will be able to walk half an hour in both sessions.

Other good examples of aerobic exercises are jogging, aerobic dancing, swimming, skiing, cross-country running, bicycling, climbing, and rowing. If you have any condition that opposes any of the above-mentioned exercises, consult your doctor or sports trainer for alternatives.

A daily half-hour of aerobic exercise can make you smile.