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 Aloe Vera: Acne Treatment


 Aloe Vera: Acne Treatment


Aloe vera has been used for medical purposes for centuries. It has long been known that it can be something effective for acne treatment. In fact, it can even use to heal burns and wounds on the skin. When acne treatment is considered, it can even be considered an immune booster!

Aloe vera gel can be used to treat acne. In most cases, soaps containing the gel will be used. It is suggested that the soaps have to be used twice every day. There is even some cream that contains aloe vera gel. It can be applied to the infected areas. As a matter of fact, acne cannot be cured with this method but the symptoms of it will decrease when aloe vera is constantly applied.

If you would like to remove the excess oil on your face, you can also use aloe vera. In this case, it will usually be in the form of liquid. Again, you will wash your face with the soaps discussed previously. Then you will also apply the aloe vera cream on your face. As you may probably be well aware, the excess oil on the skin, especially on the facial skin, can be a cause of acne. The possibility of having acne will be lower if you can remove the excess oil.

You may also be interested in the history of using aloe vera for medical purposes. In fact, the use of it for healing skin or hair damage can be dated back to 74 B.C. in Greece. It is really an ancient kind of medication. Yet modern medicine also reinforces its healing properties of it.

The first report on the medical quality of aloe vera was published in 1935. In the report, it is said that it can be effective in healing the skin of patients who are burnt. After that, there were even more studies on medical quality (such as the quality of treating acne) of it. And more research and findings are reported every day.

Lastly, you can apply aloe vera on your skin with confidence, there is no know side effect. However, you should stop using it for your acne treatment if there is any irritation after applying it.

There are no known side effects to using aloe vera externally. If any irritation occurs simply discontinue use.