Concept of Health

 Concept of Health

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 Concept of Health

There are misconceptions among people regarding the meaning of health they thought that if they do not have any disease then they are fit. But it is not true; health does not mean only the absence of disease. Health is defined as the complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being.

Wellness and physical fitness is not the same thing but physical fitness is one part of wellness. Wellness involves all emotional and mental fitness. Health is dependent on many things including diet, physique, etc.

Instead of this physical factor health is affected by the following:

Genetic disorders are the defects, which a person acquires from his parents.

Infection which a person gets from the surroundings.

balanced diet, mental state, exercise with proper rest and relaxation, proper conditioning, and standard of living are some other factors which affect health and physical fitness.

Importance of good health

Healthy people are more efficient at work. This increases production and brings economic prosperity. Good health also increases the life of people. It reduces child and maternal mortality.

Physical fitness improves the appearance of the person and hence improves his personality in society. It reduces the chances of occurrence of very deadly diseases including heart and lung diseases. It also reduces the chances of occurrence of various physical disorders like sprain, body pain, etc. healthy and fit persons are more active. So physical fitness is very important for leading a happy and balanced life. If a person is fit then he will give his best performance in the task and fully enjoys his task too.

There are some methods of achieving good health and physical fitness are:

  1. Games and sports are well-known methods of achieving good health and physical fitness. It increases strength, power, flexibility and reduces excessive fat from the body, and makes it fit and healthy.
  2. Properly balanced diet is much important to maintain good health. Diet must consist of all the basic biomolecules needed by the body to perform various metabolic activities.
  3. Consumption of drugs and alcohol is injurious to health. Therefore consumption should be avoided.
  4. Happy and silent mind is also the major key to getting good health. One should lead his life with fun and enjoyment.

What is disease?

According to scientists “any functional or physical change from the normal state that causes discomfort, or disability that impairs the health of a living individual is called disease or malfunctioning of a certain body part with specific symptoms is known as disease.”

How does the disease spread?

  1. various microorganisms like bacteria and fungi can cause disease.
  2. They can be caused by the deficiency of nutrients and hormones e.g berry or night blindness.
  3. The malfunctioning of some organs like the heart etc can cause some diseases.
  4. Diseases like allergies can be caused when our body becomes hypersensitive to some foreign substances.
  5. As stated earlier some diseases can be spread due to genetic disorders.

Various agents of disease are

  • Biological agents like viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and insects.
  • Nutrient agents like minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and water.
  • Chemical agents like gases hormones enzymes etc.
  • Physical agents like heat, cold, humidity, pressure, radiation, electricity, sound, etc.
  • Mechanical agents like sprain, injury, fracture, etc.