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 Diet and exercise

If you are thinking to lose 5 kilos of weight within 7 days with only your exercise program, you must be living in a fool’s world. No exercise program can reduce fat unless you are on proper diet. Optimum diet and exercise is the core for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise program will lead to gradual wasting of muscles unless you replenish the calorie with suitable diet.

Combining these two is very easy. First let us discuss about how to plan your exercise program.

The first thing is consulting your doctor. Women over 50 and men over 40 are the high risk persons. They tend to develop various chronic physical ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity. If all the

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 Diet and exercise

things are all right, you can begin your exercise program. Start exercising slowly and build up activities step by step over a period, say a couple of months. This is important to keep away from easy fatigue and injury. You must include half an hour of moderate intensity cardio exercises (aerobics) each day. You need not to do this at a stretch, rather dividing into two halves will increase your endurance. You can opt for weight training advance step routine exercises twice a week. This is to develop your muscle strength. Add some activities in your daily routine, like park the car as far as possible from your office parking – then take a brisk walk. Do not use email or fax a copy while sending it to some of your office colleague. Rather go to him personally and deliver it with a smile. It will definitely increase your PR. Do not use car while going to the nearby departmental store, rather using a bicycle will burn some calorie. You can take the stairs rather than using elevator.

Make your leisure time full of activities you like. You can clean your yard, go for a walking to the nearest hill or take part in some outdoor games with your friends. Riding a static bicycle while watching your favorite TV show is definitely better than being a couch potato. Choose the activities you like, you need not to go to a multi gym to keep yourself fit. Your Success to achieving the goal leads to enhanced motivation to remain physically active. Make sure that whatever exercises you are doing, are compatible to your physical condition and age.

Now come to the second part. Proper diet is a must because all the exercise we do, burn our stored calorie. Unless you replenish a good part of it, you will be exhausted. What you should do is –

Increase the vegetable intake and better to take steamed vegetables. Avoid using oil and fat as far as possible. Reduce the intake of meat and supplement it with fresh vegetables. Add some grated carrot, cabbage or zucchini to meatloaf. You can take adequately washed celery and trimmed carrot sticks for snacks. Increase the intake of whole grains. Substitute the whole wheat flour for white bleached flour while preparing any baked item.

Germination increases the nutritional value. You can make delicious breakfast by mixing some germinated peas, Bengal grams and baked potato with dash of rock salt and pepper. Take bran based cereals – bran retains the original nutritional vale of the food grain. Avoid red meat. Reduce the amount of salt intake. Substitute herbs or lemon juice while making noodles or pasta. Reducing pure carbohydrate is controversial, because the most of the calorie should come from carbohydrate with a balance from fat and protein. But you must not take heavy pastries and cakes which contains huge amount of fat along with carbohydrate. Take small but frequent meals.

Balanced diet and regular exercise are the two basic factors for a healthy life.