Fending Off Osteoporosis Via Weight Loss Los Altos CA Residents Should Obtain

 Fending Off Osteoporosis Via Weight Loss Los Altos CA Residents Should Obtain

There is a very serious disease that is marked by bone thinning and weakening, and doctors refer to it as osteoporosis. It's something that is feared by many because it can easily cause fractures. Fortunately, health experts confirm that it is a concern that can be prevented without much trouble. Weight loss Los Altos CA locals should go for is strongly recommended so that the said bone disease can be kept from coming into being one day.

Everyone knows that losing unnecessary body kilos is a highly effective way to drive away numerous heart-related problems. It's also something that can effectively lower one's odds of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Not too many people know that attaining a slimmer figure can in fact keep at bay so many other problems, and one of those is osteoporosis.

Various things can be blamed for the appearance of the said bone disease. One of those is a hormonal imbalance which can easily be brought about by being obese or overweight. Having excess fat cells in the body is a major cause for concern as it can lead to hormonal imbalance trouble-free. Scientists confirm that fat cells can actually produce hormones.

One of the various issues that may result from having improper levels of hormones inside the body is osteoporosis. It is a dreaded disease as it can dramatically increase the sufferer's chance of winding up with a fracture. Experts confirm that hip fracture is quite common in individuals who are diagnosed with osteoporosis, and it's something that requires very costly and highly risky hip replacement surgery.

Osteoporosis can affect anyone, health professionals confirm. Women, however, are likelier to wind up battling the dreaded bone disease. Primarily, it can be blamed on the fact that the bones of women are generally smaller and also thinner. It's because of this exactly why they are more prone to suffer from osteoporosis than men.

There is also the reason that women are bound to encounter menopause in one way or the other. Such is characterized by a dramatic drop in the levels of estrogen in the body. According to scientists, there are so many tasks carried out by the said hormone, and one of those is keeping the bones strong. It goes without saying that menopause can cause bone thinning and weakening, thus considerably increasing a woman's osteoporosis risk.

Aside from eliminating excess pounds, health authorities confirm that many other smart steps may be taken to lower one's risk of encountering osteoporosis in the future. Having a diet that's rich not only in calcium but vitamin D, too, is very important. It is for the obvious reason that it promotes optimum bone strength.

Health professionals say that the importance of regularly working out in preventing osteoporosis cannot be stressed enough. Weight-bearing exercises are the best ones for the job. Some very good examples are playing volleyball, stair climbing, bicycling, trekking, and jogging. To keep the bones out of harm's way, excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking should be avoided.