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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Preventing Osteoporosis

 Hormone Replacement Therapy For Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a very serious disease that is characterized by having brittle or weak bones. It's something that can put a person at high risk of winding up with a fracture. No one is impervious to it, although it is a medical fact that women are at higher risk of suffering from it one day. Such can be blamed on menopause. Fortunately, there's hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that may help considerably lowering a menopausal woman's odds of battling osteoporosis in the future.

Estrogen is something that helps keep the bones from becoming frail and brittle. It's just one of the many tasks that this particular hormone carries out. For as long as there's plenty of this naturally-existing chemical in the body, ending up with osteoporosis should not be a major cause for alarm among women.

Sadly, the levels of estrogen suddenly drop during the menopausal stage. This is exactly the reason why menopause is regarded as a major risk factor for osteoporosis. Such is also the reason why the dreaded bone condition is more commonly seen in women than in men who won't end up with osteoporosis.

Having a fracture as a result of osteoporosis can considerably decrease the quality of life of a woman. Its presence can keep her from carrying out activities that add lots of meaning and happiness to life. In fact, performing everyday physical tasks can prove to be a massive problem if a fracture is around. Hip fracture is very much likely to happen, and it requires undergoing surgical treatment that is not only expensive but also very risky.

HRT can help save women from encountering osteoporosis and the various problems that may stem from it. Such is perfect mos, especially for those who may wind up with serious bone disease because of various other reasons. Aside from osteoporosis, HRT is known to effectively address the many other issues associated with menopause because it encourages the restored balance of the female hormones.

HRT is very good at managing one of the most pestering menopause-related issues, and that's none other than hot flashes. It can be a very big problem at night as it's the root cause of night sweats that can keep women from getting some sleep. HRT can also address appetite changes, unwanted weight gain, mood swings, and hair loss due to menopause.

Sadly, HRT does not come without some terrifying risks. It goes without saying that not all menopausal women are regarded as good candidates for the said treatment. Women who are suffering from heart disease or may develop it are discouraged from trying HRT. The same is true for those who may wind up with breast cancer or already had it in the past.

Aside from undergoing HRT, other things may be done to fend off osteoporosis that has something to do with menopause. It's a good idea for women to opt for an everyday diet that's rich in calcium and vitamin D. Exercising regularly is highly recommended, too. Certainly, cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol intake should be avoided by women.