How to start an exercise program

 How to start an exercise program

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 How to start an exercise program

If are you considering an exercise program and not convinced about how to start, then let me guide you. Starting an exercise plan is one of the best things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and fit. First thing you need to consult your doctor to certify you are capable of doing some workouts. Only after that, you can start. Please follow the five basic steps before you begin.

Step 1: Evaluate your level of fitness

All of us have some knowledge about our physical condition and how much work we can do. We all know For assessing your ability, you can record the –

Time is taken to walk a mile

Heart rate before and after walking a mile at your normal pace

Waist circumference (the technique is to measure at the level of your belly button)

Your body mass index (BMI) – you can easily check it from your doctor or various websites that provide the service free of cost.

The maximum length you can reach when you stretch your leg while sitting on your bum.

Step 2: Plan the exercise program

Planning always helps – a little amount of planning for your exercise program will bring the most effective outcome.

Measure your target – how much amount of weight you want to lose in how many days, or you simply want to prepare yourself as a healthy person.

Involve those techniques you like most – you do not have to go for the complex exercise schedule. Just walking or jogging for half an hour can accomplish the requirement.

Design a reasonable development plan – you can not lose 10 kilos of weight in just 5 days. You need to be more logical while designing the workout plan.

Bring activities into your daily routine – you can be more active when you add some activities into your daily routine. For example, various websites provide, park the car as far as possible and take a brisk walk to reach your office, and do not use the elevator if you are going to one or two levels.

Diversity – a monotonous exercise program will not motivate you anyway. Try something different every day.

Record your progress – every action can be evaluated if it is properly recorded. You can measure your development if you put all the advances on paper.

Step 3: The equipment you need

Gather all the gears you might need. If you are going jogging or running, a good pair of running shoes will do. If you are planning for swimming, you will require the costumes and the water goggles. You can use your old socks by filling them with sand if you are targeting the weight training program.

Step 4: Let us begin

Now you can start your fitness program.

The need to warm up and cool down – never forget the necessity of these two. Allow yourself adequate time to warm up your body. Then do the main course of the exercise schedule. When you finish, again give enough time to cool down yourself.

Break it up – you do not require going for an hour-long exercise schedule. Instead, breaking it into two halves of half an hour will be more productive.

Be imaginative – include some more fun in your exercise program. Go to the nearest hill with your family and enjoy some ball playing there.

Do not overdo anything – if you feel any discomfort at any level of exercise, stop at once and take some rest. You may consider consulting your, doctor.

Step 5: Check your progress

After six months, analyze your fitness level according to the points that you have noted at the beginning of your exercise. Then plan the fitness program again.