Kill stress – before it kills you

 Kill stress – before it kills you

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Kill stress – before it kills you

In this modern jet age, we are compelled to face stress and anxiety in some parts of our life. Anxiety is the forerunner of stress. The intense pressure from every nook and corner of modern life is calling anxiety and stress around. Although our entire life, we have to face an array of changes regarding the way of lifestyle, grooming, workplace, close relationships, and the environment. Every transformation, whether it is gratifying or obnoxious, leaves some amount of stress upon us. Conversely, if the intensity of stress becomes severe or if it goes for a longer time, it may create depressing states or anxiety disorders.

In our day-to-day life, we spend most of our time at our workplace. Its condition, job hazards, challenges in the jobs, and job dissatisfaction are some of the most common stress factors. A recent study conducted involving volunteers from different fields revealed that the highest levels of stress are found in persons who come from medicine, business, and finance.

Women suffer from anxiety and stress most in their personal relationships. Personal or public, no matter what is the reason, stress can lead to acute psychological and physical trouble including anxiety and depression both in men and women.

While depression generates sensations like desolation, worthlessness, and irritation, anxiety neurosis results in feelings of horror and panic even when you are under normal circumstances. The precise cause of depression is not known to us, although scientists have thrown some light on it. Today we can identify that depression is an end result of anomalous communication between the neural circuits of the brain and the chemical neurotransmitter of the central nervous system. Apart from this, stress can be generated from environmental, genetic, and emotional reasons.

Stress can result in various setbacks in our bodies. It may reduce the state of our cardiovascular system. It can lead to high blood pressure and coronary thromboembolism. Stress can affect our gastrointestinal system, renal system, and nervous system. Almost all organs of our body may have an effect if we are exposed to stress for a long time. A frightful disease – Alzheimer’s disease can be the outcome of protracted stress that insults our memory function. It is one of the most debilitating diseases at present. Anxiety neurosis results from panic attacks, also defined as agoraphobia. It is an extremely panicky condition where a man gets scared or panicky feelings upon being exposed to open spaces. The anxiety is so severe he may experience terrible notions at such places which may seem normal to others. Women are more victimized by this kind of panic attack.

There must be some solutions to stress. Let us take a brief note.

Laugh – laugh, as it helps to pacify the stressed mind. No matter how you are stressed out, a session of laughter can lower your stress. It is not necessary to get a laughing cause, artificial laughing may also benefit you in some ways.

Cry – crying eases out our stressful mind as it helps to release the angst from our body.

Positive approach – maintain a positive approach always. At all times it helps to make our own way toward our goal and eliminate many complexities.

Values – delineate your values. Always remain under self-imposed bindings.

Exercise – do some workouts regularly. Just simple walking, jogging, gardening, and cleaning the yard have enough power to reduce anxiety. It is not necessary to go for extensive exercises always. You may join meditation, yoga, or aerobics classes. Regular workouts purify our body system of harmful chemicals that are produced because of stress.