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 Stress and Relationships

In modern world, everyone is running to thump others for a better living. To these people, stress will come definitely. Stress spoils our daily life a lot as anxiety comes first. Consequently there is phobia and depression. A wide variety of bodily problems can be ascribed to stress.

It is fact that men and women are to face their lives in different ways. So, the end result of stress is totally different to them. Women are also exposed to stress and the outcome is obvious in their physical health. To them, the disease process is more obvious. Nevertheless, although men experience the wrench of stress more or less same amount, the apparent expression is less. It is noticed that the number of death is much more in men than in women if they are exposed to stress and its consequences. One of the prominent causes of stress is strain in the conjugal relationship. It may be in between husband and wife, strain relation among the members of a same family, between the child and the parents or stress in the work

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 Stress and Relationships

place. Stress and relationship have intimately related.

Marital stress

The commonest reason of stress is probably the damaged relation between the husband and the wife. In this world of demand to the total independence, the condition of mind echoes the stressed out condition of anybody. All of us must have heard the idiom ‘Marriages are made in heaven’. But we do not remember this divine conjugal relation and our smallest problems may create mayhem. We search for the tiniest shortcomings of our partner and make a hell out of their life. Moreover, if any one of the partner is irascible, then the situation becomes more awful. We continue to blame each other for the entire period when we are staying at home together and trying to make his or her life more miserable. It is the time when stress starts growing. This generates tension more. Again it leads to quarrel. More stress is generated. Some short of vicious cycle is created unless one of us tries to control the situation.

Family life

Today’s world requires us to be parted from our close relatives and family members as our workplace may be miles away from our home and we may be leading a jet set life. And again long business tours are there. We may be taking breakfast in New York, lunch in the London and dinner in the Paris. In a nuclear family setup, we can not be able to spent quality time with our family members. We feel more stressed out quickly due to this.

Stress between children and parents

At the present time, bitter relationship in between husband and wife is very much widespread. They bring their child to earth. Then forget the way to raring the child up properly. If both of them are busy with their work, the child feels terribly unsecured even in the home environments. This put the child in immense emotional agony. In addition, if the child sees his parents are clashing daily after coming back from their respective office, the circumstances make him feel vulnerable. The little brain can not decide what is worn gang what is right, and this creates a negative impact upon his regular performances whether he is in school or playing with his friends.

Stress in the workplace

Our carrier has evolved the main concern for us today. Stress at our workplace is one of the most common causes of all the stressors. Uncertainty of our future, insecurity on the office, non-cooperation and disobedience from the colleagues and unorganized carrier management plan are the main culprits. We need to do a lot of jobs that is not sufficient for us to complete in the time frame we are being provided. All of these can generate tension and subsequently stress.