The Effective Use of Aromatherapy for Hair Loss

 The Effective Use of Aromatherapy for Hair Loss

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 The Effective Use of Aromatherapy for Hair Loss

Don’t be alarmed if you see several strands of hair in your brush. It is normal for an adult to lose about 100 hairs daily. However, it would be another matter if excessive hair would fall every time you brush your hair. This may be a case of diffuse hair loss. Male pattern baldness is another hair loss problem. The hair loss would result to receding hair line and baldness on top of the head. Alopecia areata is typified by hairless patches in the scalp. If the hair loss worsens and affects the entire scalp, the hair loss condition develops into Alopecia totalis.

Hair loss problems can be the result of hair maltreatment. Excessive use of chemical treatments like hair coloring, shampoos and conditioner containing harsh ingredients as well as too much use of curling and hair irons. Hair loss can also be attributed to hormonal fluctuations.

Hair, just like the skin would reflect the state of health of a person. A healthy individual would naturally have glowing skin and lustrous hair. Needless to say, hair loss would be a result of poor health. Aromatherapy is proven to be effective in curing hair loss. A lot of people with hair loss problem have turned to this treatment after all other hair loss remedies have failed.

Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medicine which makes use of essential oils to attain relief for minor aches and pains. Aromatherapy is gaining public acceptance as evidenced by the increase in the number of salons and spas that offers aromatherapy services. Aromatherapy is proven effective in relaxing the mind as well as the body. This alternative form of medicine is now considered to be one of the most effective cures for hair loss. Roots, leaves and flowers go through the process of condensation to produce essential oils. These essential oils when massaged to the scalp would stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles.

To treat hair loss, mix 3 drops each of rosemary and lavender, 2 drops each of thyme and cedar wood, 4 teaspoons grape seed oil and ½ teaspoon jojoba oil. Mix ingredients thoroughly and massage into scalp for about two minutes. Wrap the head with a plastic shower cap first and then wrap the head with warm towel. Leave it on overnight and wash and shampoo hair in the morning. Repeat the process every night and after a couple of months, you will notice less hair fall. Moreover you will notice new growth of healthy hair.