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The hidden fact of shifting calorie diet

 The hidden fact of shifting calorie diet

 The hidden fact of shifting calorie diet

Nowadays, most of us definitely have informed the craze of shifting calorie diet approach to reduce weight. But simply few of us really know the physiological processes in our body that are responsible for its immense accomplishment. To get an idea of how the shifting calorie diet approach works, we must have an idea of how the conventional dieting technique works and its failure to reduce obesity of the person on dieting.

Traditional dieting works on the principle of starvation. The basic sense is ‘if you eat less, you shall lose weight’. At a glance it makes sense, but there are much more principles involved in weight loss and gain.

When you reduce your total calorie intake by lowering the amount of food you take, your body engages in several metabolic and hormonal changes that are closely linked with starvation. Physiologically, our body tries to pile up as many calories as it can involving an easy and swift process, which in turn results in the deposition of more fat. Concurrently, the muscle mass is broken down to keep the normal energy level. Glucose is one of the substances that give us the required energy during any kind of physical activity. Muscle and the liver store much of the calories that our body keeps for use in case of emergency situations. This is done by converting the glucose into glycogen which involves some complex enzymatic reactions. When the situation demands, glycogen is broken down to glucose by the process of ‘Glycogenolysis’, and thus required energy is available to our body.

The net effect is the swift loss of water to wash the detrimental byproducts from the system. This appears as the loss of weight. But this weight loss is not everlasting. When you start to take food in normal quantity, the water loss is regained while accumulating more amount of fat besides loss of general muscle mass.

The shifting calorie diet management works differently from the conventional dieting involving starvation. The basic principle is to change the amount and types of food intake besides preserving the optimal nutritional equilibrium to stay away from the evil effect of muscle loss.

Here the recommendation is to split the meal into 4 or more small parts and change the types of food taken as well. The excess amount of fat is burnt while maintaining the intake of a healthy amount of food daily. One is allowed to take as much amount of food as he wants but with a caution to stop eating just before his hunger is completely satisfied. This is the main approach to shifting calorie dieting.

You can maintain an overall healthy lifestyle as with all other dieting techniques by adopting shifting calorie dieting. The requirement of exercise is moderate like simply walking for half an hour daily. There is no point to go beyond the recommended time frame especially when you are starting.

Conventional dieting which involves starvation is a thing of the past as it’s definitely not good for our bodies. It may leave more harmful aftereffects than good. By adopting a shifting calorie diet approach, you can easily reduce the extra mass of fat while maintaining the total muscle bulk. You are free to take the foods you normally enjoy in the quantity you like.