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 Weight Training Programs

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 Weight Training Programs

Weight training programs are basically meant to build muscles and lose excess fat. There are three basic factors that are equally important to build muscle mass – exercise, proper diet and adequate rest. Considering any single factor less important will lead you to improper muscle mass. A good weight gain balanced diet combined with well-designed weight training program and enough rest, are the keys to a well built body.

The two most important basic weight training ideas are

HIT – HIT stands for High Intensity Training. It offers the person to weight train 1-3 times a week with full body basic step routines. The schedule include short but extremely intensive workout. The fundamental routine is 8-10 reps per sitting. Each and every sitting is anticipated to produce an increase in power so that when the next sitting is due you are expected to carry out more reps with same amount of weight or same number of reps with increased weight.

Periodical program – Weight training programs is dependent on this idea that to achieve progressive working in a diverse way. In a periodical program you are prescribed to go for light training for three weeks, subsequently medium range training for the duration of few weeks and lastly working with heavy weight for the final cycle. The importance is the collective achievement after the entire schedule rather than the compartmental effects after every rep. The general notion is to alter the amount and the volume level to prevent overtraining.

The most common training program to build a muscle bulk is a three day split training routine involving each muscle group being exercises only once a week.

Compound weight lifting exercise is designed to put on weight as quickly as possible. It also allows us to stimulate most muscle bulks in the minimum amount of time. The most effective compound weight lifting exercises are – squats for the legs, calf raisers for the legs, Bench dips and bench curls for the upper part of the body including arms, bench press for the chest, pull ups for the back side, military press for the shoulders and crunches for the abdominal muscles.

You need to have some complex equipment for the above mentioned exercises. If you do not go for the extensive exercise program, the weight lifting exercises involving the chest and the abdomen will suffice most of the good effects of the entire schedule.

There are two basic types – sets and reps. The heavy set involves 1-6 numbers of reps and the primary objective of it is to build the muscle strength. Medium set incorporates 7-12 reps and it meant for bodybuilding purpose. Lastly, the light set includes 13+ reps and the primary object is endurance and fitness.

The number of rep is variable according to the need and stamina of the trainer. If somebody is training with weight with a view to bodybuilding, the ideal training set is the medium set as doing these set, the maximum muscular hypertrophy will occur.

Working with advanced and basic step routine into the weight training program is a useful technique to transform the muscle receptive and increasing. These routines will offer a change of pace that will cover the upcoming medium set routines more successful.

Always it has to kept in mind that different muscle groups will reply to different exercise reps. Rational changing the rep ranges will help to throw some light in to the stereotype exercises.